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Shaws of Darwen

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Founded on St Valentine’s Day, 1897 in Darwen, England, Shaws meticulous approach has stood the test of time. Heavy duty fireclay is hard to work with but can produce the most durable of ceramics. Shaws sinks are tougher, with a deeper, more lustrous finish. Each one is made by hand by a single master craftsman, taught by the master craftsmen who came before and signed by its maker. Their passion and pride are evident in the result: a sink that is beautiful, timeless and unique.

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Shaws Shaker is designed for more contemporary kitchens. The sink has thinner walls and less rounded corners than the traditional Butler. Like the Butler, it is durable and easy to maintain, and should last a lifetime. Stylish as a single bowl sink, imposing as a double bowl, the Shaker is the perfect centrepiece for a designer kitchen.

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A recognised design icon, the Shaws Butler sink has been in continuous production for over 120 years. Made from heavy duty fireclay, a unique blend used only by Shaws, each sink must be fired hotter and longer to develop its unique properties. The surface is durable, heat resistant, stain resistant and naturally anti-bacterial. Underneath the sink is the name of its maker, a personal statement of quality.

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